6d6 RPG: Questions and Answers

Yesterday’s announcement of the 6d6 RPG left a lot questions unanswered. Here are a few of them.

Is it a Fantasy RPG?

The core rules system is being developed to be fairly generic. Currently we are focusing our development on a old-school / Tolkienesque fantasy setting and a dark, investigative horror setting.

What is this unique mechanic you mentioned?

I’m not saying at the moment because I don’t know how to describe it well enough in text. Everyone who has seen it first hand has got it in 30 seconds but without the physical game in front of us, it is much harder to explain. Look out for some videos coming later this week.

Why are you so excited about it?

The mechanic itself is simple and obvious once you’ve seen it. What is exciting is how it allows 6d6 to create a completely different concept of RPG publishing.

Imagine being able to go to the website of your favourite RPG and ordering a custom edition of the rules that contains all your in-house rules and tweaks…

Imagine starting a new campaign with a source book that contains only the races & classes you want …

… taken from the official books and your own material.

All published in exactly the same way as the ‘official’ rule books.

Imagine being able to create your own content and share it online so that anyone can include it in their own customised source books …

… and getting paid royalties for your material.

I’m excited because by changing how we think about some of the basics of RPGs, I can give people a new and interesting way for people to explore their imagination.


  1. Today I got to create a character and have a quick Zombie bash using these rules.

    Character creation took 10 minutes. Really impressive start-up time.
    Gaming was fluid and fun. Learned the basics in about 5 minutes (I’m a little slow-witted).
    Potential is massive. I already want to demo this to my group.

    Watch this space!
    .-= Che´s last blog ..My Latest Fantasy =-.

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