The 6d6 RPG

We are proud to announce the 6d6 RPG. A role-playing game with a unique mechanic and big ideas.

A Single Step, A Long Road

This announcement is just part of a very long journey in developing the 6d6 RPG.

Development on the 6d6 RPG has been underway for five months and there are many more months of work to be done. But we have reached the point were we can run public playtests and demonstration sessions.

Over the next couple of weeks will be releasing details of the game, why we think it something special and most importantly, when you can play it.


To find out more, just keep reading the blog. Or, sign-up for the 6d6 newsletter to have all the news delivered to your inbox days or weeks before it appears on the blog.


  1. So, will all the die rolls be 6d6?
    (Reminds me of a modification a friend made to World of Darkness mechanics so we’d always roll the same number of dice but modify the result on a bell curve.)

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