Super-Secret Project De-cloaking Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a major milestone for me personally and for 6d6 Fireball.

For tomorrow I go public with the Super-Secret Project, a project that will make or break for 6d6 as a company. If all goes well with the project, 6d6 will make a significant leap up the league table of RPG companies. If it flops, 6d6 Fireball will crash and burn.

Personally it is a huge step as well. The most ambitious thing I’ve attempted and the biggest financial risk I’ve ever taken. 6d6 will not be the only thing to crash and burn if this all goes south.

The Announcement

Tomorrow is just a start – an announcement of what we are attempting.

The Super-Secret Project has been under full-time development for almost five months now and there still large parts of it that are the game design equivalent of ‘Here Be Dragons’. There is at least another two months to go before there is any sort of version we can let people have for alpha testing. Beta-testing is likely to start in September with a target release date of pre-Christmas. After that it will be another 12 months before it starts to reach its full potential.

Expect the Unexpected

Don’t expect to see box sets or splat books. Don’t expect a product that will appeal to everyone. Don’t expect a just another game.</p?

I’m trying to re-imagine a whole industry. From the basic concepts of how we play our games to how they are published and sold. Blending old-school simplicity with internet age technology and culture. Trying to move our hobby from a static book publishing model to dynamic, ever changing, imagination driven model.

I told you it was ambitious.

Rolling the Dice

For years I’ve played characters who gambled everything on the roll of the dice. Risking it all on audacious plans and daring schemes. Now its time for me to do it for real.

I’m a 1st Level Entrepreneur and I’m going on an adventure.


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