A Great Day and A Great Playtest

Yesterday was Con-Quest, a one day convention in Derby, UK. This was the first gaming con I’ve been to in many years and the first public demonstration of the Super-Secret Project. Pleasingly, both went very well.

We Came, We Saw, We Con-Quested

The convention was well organised with everything set-up by the time the doors opened for GMs at 9.30am. The venue, the Assembly Rooms, was great with plenty of space in the main hall for planned games and lots of tables in the concourse for ad-hoc gaming. By 11 o’clock, the tables were filling with gamers.

The day was split into two sessions and the morning session was very well supported with only one or two empty tables in the main hall. The afternoon session was noticeably less busy with about the half the hall empty. Looking at the sign-up sheets, only about a third of the games seemed to have got players. It wasn’t clear why this happened but I spoke to several people who had to leave by about 5pm when the afternoon session carried on until after 6pm.

The Not So Secret Project

Con-quest was the first time the Super-Secret Project was played outside the safe environment of the play-test sessions. I was bit nervous because I had no idea how it would appeal to the wide range of gamers out there.

I shouldn’t of worried. For the morning session we had Neil and John plus Ben (one of the regular playtesters) and it went great. Both the new players picked up the mechanics quickly and were soon pushing the system and trying things I hadn’t considered. The whole session went quickly and was great fun.

We didn’t get enough players for the afternoon session so instead I did one-on-one demonstrations. Again, I got some great feedback and everyone picked up the idea quickly.


One of the real joys of the con was bumping into people I knew for all sorts of different reasons. Gamers from old and defunct clubs, gamers from current clubs, various customers and people from online forums and blogs. It was great to see all of you and I wish I’d had more time to just to chat. I’m looking forward to some longer conventions when there is more time for socialising.

More Cons – I Need More Cons

As well as being great fun, it is clear that in marketing the (soon to be renamed) Super-Secret Project, cons offer an excellent way of introducing the game to a wide range of people. Looking at the con calendar, I certainly planning more trips to cons.

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  1. Hi

    Sounds like it all went swimmingly well, good stuff.

    IndieCon isn’t mentioned on the con calendar that you’ve linked to, so I’ll recommend it – highly – and point you at it’s website. It’s a fair old distance away on the south coast near Bournemouth, but loads of newish TTRPG designs and games get playtested and announced there. Might be worth a look, plus the atmosphere is as welcoming as it was at Con-Quest.


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