Pathfinder NPC Generator Beta Test

Paul from Dingle’s Games is looking for people to test his new Pathfinder NPC / Monster Generator.

Paul is putting the finishing touches to the software and is looking for Pathfinder GMs willing to give it a go before it is released to the general public. I cannot tell you anything about the software but I expect it to be as comprehensive and effective as his excellent D&D 3.5 NPC generator.


  1. I would love to be included in the beta test for your Pathfinder NPC generator. I am currently running a game and need help with a few of my BBEGs. They are Demon and Devil NPCs and they are very hard for me to compute on my own.

  2. @Laurie picchioldi

    Get yourself over to Dingle’s Games and sign-up. You sound exactly the sort of person they are looking for.

  3. This thing is amazing, thank you for the heads up on this one. I emailed Paul and told him how awesome a tool he has developed. This combines my love of running games with my love of being lazy.

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