Super-Secret Project

Anyone following 6d6 on Twitter or Facebook will have seen references to my Super-Secret Project over the last few weeks. Now, the time for going public is drawing near.

The Big Gamble

The Super-Secret Project represents a major turning point in 6d6’s direction as a company and a major investment in time and resources. It is fair to say that if the Project doesn’t achieve a reasonable level of success, 6d6 will fold. Leaving me considerably out of pocket and with nothing to show for two years hard work.

But my reticence to reveal what the Super-Secret Project is has nothing to do with the financial side of things. It is a lot more personal.

The Super-Secret Project is the end point of 18 months of brainstorming, abandoned ideas and searching for the right way to bring something genuinely new in this hobby.

Learning from History

Every industry and hobby is littered with people who have believed they had the next “big idea” – Schemes and plans that would change the face of their chosen field. Yet history teaches us that many of these people were crackpots or dreamers and their grand plans were laughed out of town.

But history also teaches us that a few of these people were right. They genuinely had ideas that revolutionised their industry and they had the determination to bring that idea to the world.

The trouble for any designer who thinks they have a “big idea” is working out which group they fall into – hopeless dreamer or genuine contender? The reason for the code name “Super-Secret Project” and my reticence on its nature is because I wasn’t sure which group I belonged to.

Burning Bridges

There comes a time when you have to make a choice to play it safe or go all in. This is true in all aspects of life, from asking someone out on a date to launching a new product. Both can be expensive, both can leave you looking stupid in front of all your friends but both can bring priceless rewards.

Having introduced the Super-Secret Project to people, having seen their reactions, and most importantly having seen them grasp its potential, I’m ready to cross the rubicon.

The Super-Secret Project is something new, something different, something genuinely innovative.

Find Out More

The first place for news of beta releases and opportunities to play the Super-Secret Project will be announced on the 6d6 Newsletter and here on the blog.

To follow the day-to-day tribulations of developing a new product, follow our Twitter and Facebook feeds.


  1. Sounds freaking cool! I’m gonna support you in the best way I can with this (whatever the super project is about, actually). 😛

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