WotC’s Rodney Thompson Does The Right Thing

In a departure from 6d6 Fireball’s normal coverage of Wizards of the Coast, I’m going to say something nice – Well done Rodney for engaging with the customers.

Mr Thompson is a designer and a developer for Wizards of the Coast and he wants to improve the quality of WotC’s Adventures. And how is he going about this? He is asking the customers and fans for constructive advice and for examples of where they have got things right and got things wrong.

If you want to just post some thoughts, that’s fine by me, and I’ll be eager to read them. However, if you REALLY want to be a superstar, when you talk about something that can be improved, give me an example of a WotC adventure that does that thing badly (or not at all), and an example of an adventure that does that well.

The only other things I ask are this:

1) Be polite and respectful. I am not going to take you seriously if you rant and rave.

2) Avoid hyperbole. If I see the words “epic fail” or “worst adventure ever” there’s a good chance I won’t take your comments seriously.

3) Don’t use this as a soapbox from which to launch complaints about 4th Edition. We’re here to talk about adventures, people, not game systems.

I hope Rodney’s initiative pays off, and even if it has no impact, I appreciate his and WotC willingness to engage with the customers.

Thanks to RPG Treehouse for spotting this: WotC come out of the bunker.

Rodney’s initial message: HELP ME MAKE OUR ADVENTURES BETTER!


  1. The link HELP ME MAKE OUR ADVENTURES BETTER! is broken. It doesn’t lead to any website.

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