Larger Than Man-Sized – Available for Pre-Order

Someone once said “Today is a good day to die” but April 7th is a good day to be squashed, ripped apart and rendered into a small grease spot by giants and trolls.

Available for pre-order now, our Larger Than Man-Sized pack contains Dark Trolls one and two plus our biggest ever figure, Giant with Great Sword. The giant weighs in at 169 grams (about 6.5 ounces). For comparison, the human in the photo below weighs 9 grams.

The trolls and giant enjoy a stroll with a scale 6′ human.

Not surprisingly, this makes the giant a pretty expensive figure. List price for the figure alone is £25 (roughly $40), which is pricey for a miniature. The two trolls are also pretty expensive (£10 and £12 respectively) but appear cheap next to the giant. To bring down the price a bit, we have bundled them all together into the Larger Than Man-Sized pack. This, through the miracle of bulk buying, allows us to sell the pack at £35, or £12 (~$20) off the list price.

If a £12 saving is not enough, we are also doing a pre-order discount of an additional £5 on all orders received before the 7th April.

For more details on the figures and 6d6’s We Won’t Take Your Money Promise, visit: Larger Than Man-Sized.


  1. They look amazing., but should you really be calling them Miniatures at that size?

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