D&D Deathmatch Fun and Games

Last week, I enjoyed a pleasant day in the company of the East Midlands RPG Group at their annual Deathmatch tournament. Using 4e D&D rules, players spawned into an arena and kicked the blazes out of each other against the clock.

There were two games, an individual game and a team game. I took part in the team game, and the rules as I remember them were:


The Arena

  • Each match consisted of three combats and at the end of each combat dead characters were resurrected.
  • All characters were 1st level and from the PHB only.
  • At the start of each combat, characters had full hit points, all their dailies and encounter powers plus one action point.
  • Each combat lasted 12 minutes maximum. The GM controlling the tournament had to keep the game moving quickly.
  • Initiative was determined at the start of the match and was kept the same over the three combats.
  • The arena begins empty and on your initiative you randomly spawn in one of the four locations and take your turn.
  • All the combat follows normal 4e rules and generally involves characters using their daily powers as quickly as possible.
  • Points were scored based on how many on each side where killed per combat.
D&D deathmatch

Deathmatch in Action

Regular readers may be surprised to find that I really enjoyed 4e for this combat. I think it works a lot better in this situation that 3rd Ed or any other edition would. Having a time limit and a GM to keep everyone moving was a real advantage as well.

Prizes by 6d6 and Chimera

The team prize for the Deathmatch was supplied by 6d6 and painted by Mike at Chimera in Beeston.


The trophies, based on our Forest Walker figures

Mike deserves a big thank-you for his hard work on these prizes. All I had to do was give him the figures and let him work his magic. Additional photos on our Facebook albums.

More Savage Island

During the afternoon, I took the opportunity to run my Savage Island adventure. As this was whilst the individual Deathmatch was going on, the line up for my game changed several times early on but then settled down. This group managed to get to the island’s high plateau and make peaceful contact with the inhabitants. Something neither of the two previous groups has managed.

Savage Island

Yours truly as the party approach the mysterious tower

Thank you to everyone who took part in my game and thank you to the East Midlands RPG group for hosting it. If you are in the Nottingham, Derby or Leicester area and looking for a game of D&D and other RPGs, check them out. They are a friendly bunch and there are always GMs looking for players.

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  1. Sounds interesting & fun. I’d like to get a copy of the original “real” rules if possible. This would be a great break if all of the players can’t make it to a game.

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