Miniature Photography – Home and Away

I’ve spent the last day and a half taking photos of our miniatures including some for our new Dark Trolls range. Meanwhile, 3000 miles away, Chgowiz from The Old Guy’s RPG Blog has also been busy photographing our Forest Walkers.

Troll-Drk-2 Close Up

Above is a close up of Troll-Drk-2 (Dark Troll with Flail and Dagger). Photographing larger-than-man-sezed figures is both easier and harder than standard 28mms. The size makes it simpler to show the detailing on the figure but it this also means the imperfections stand out more.

Large sized figures can also make a mockery of your carefully prepared set-up.

Giant Sword 1 Front 400px

To photograph the giant above, I had to resort to turning off all my lamps and flash, relying instead on a one second exposure time. Why? Because the silver helmet reflected too much light and a lot of definition was lost. On a standard 28mm miniature, the amount of reflection from the helmet is minimal but when the head is bigger than many miniatures it becomes a real problem.

Over in the USA, Chgowiz has been review our miniatures and said some nice thing about them.

They have a very old school/Grenadier look to them, which depending on your preferences may or may not be a good thing, but overall, I like them!
… I think these figures are a great addition to my miniatures lineup and I highly recommend them.

Source: Review: 6d6 Fireball miniatures – Forest Walkers.


(c) Chgowiz

Thanks to Chgowiz for the very kind review and permission to use the photo. I love the paint job on the Forest Walkers.

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