The Wizard’s Sleeve and the Nazi Salute

When you start your own business, you expect to face new challenges and to learn lots of new skills. But when I started 6d6 Fireball, I did not expect photography to be one of them. Mostly because I’d hoped that Rob would do it but things do not always go to plan and I’ve ended up taking the photos for the site. This has been a sharp learning curve yet each time I do it, I learn a bit more and improve my set-up.

This time round my main challenge was photographing in colour because, for the first time, we have some decently painted versions of our miniatures. I’m an appalling painter so I’ve always relied on photographing unpainted miniatures in black & white. This allows me to ignore colour balance and just concentrate on light levels. But, courtesy of Mike at the Beeston branch of Chimera I have some wonderfully painted minis.

They are really excellently painted, though Mike refers to them as playing quality rather than show quality. Mike’s skill has nicely brought out all the best in our miniatures and all that remains is for me to take a decent photograph of them. “Simples!” I thought.

After a lot of trial and error I have got some good photographs of most of the miniatures but not before taking some bad ones, including this one.


Corvell is our human wizard figure and I’ve, with great skill, captured him doing a nazi salute and showing his huge wizard’s sleeve (NSFW). He also looks like the ugliest wizard in the entire history of creation.

There is something about the Corvell figure that makes it photograph badly (anti-photogenic?). It’s not the figure, which is one of Rob’s early sculptures but it is still good, and it certainly is not the paint job. The figure simply doesn’t want to be photographed and after capturing this unfortunate pose, I’m not sure I can ever look at it in the same way.

The rest of the photography went well and I have got some great shots out of the hundreds of photos taken. I love digital photography. If we still relied on film, I’d be screwed.

A gallery of photos will be going up soon but just a taster of what Rob’s miniatures and Mike’s painting should look like, here is a random collection of Quorakon.


Click for a large image.


  1. It’s probably not appropriate to wonder about the apparent extra finger on Corvell’s left hand (especially given his large “wizard sleeve”)?

    Seriously though, photographing minis is tough. And painting them is tougher. (Well, Randy’s patented “two-dip method” makes painting minis easy, but you lose some of the subtlties of the sculpting.) K|:-)

  2. @Anarkeith – You are right. He does have an extra finger! It seems to be there on the unpainted minis as well. Well spotted.


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