Unboxing 6d6 Miniatures

What do you get when you buy a box of 6d6 Fireball’s miniatures? Have a look at these photos of a Quorakon War-Party being unpacked.

The unopened box. For scale, it is about 8.5cm by 6.5cm by 3cm (3.5″ by 2.5″ by 1.25″).

Unpopping the clasps.

Off comes the lid.

Out comes the inlay.

The first of three weapon sprus. The weapons can be placed in any of the quarokon’s four hands like this.

Quarakon warrior with headdress, the leader of the war party.

Next out are the two bare-headed warriors.

Next is the Ice Lynx.

Finally, the juvenile warrior is unpacked.

6d6 Retail Packaging: Quora-War-1