PDFs 2 Miniatures 4

Not the score of a really bizarre football (soccer) match but the end product of a very busy week at 6d6 Fireball that has involved the launch of new adventures and new miniatures.

Monday saw a preview of our Dark Trolls and an associated article about Making Monsters Different.

Tuesday was an easy day, because I had a guest post with the self-explantory title Five Things I Learned Writing a Competition Winning Adventure

If Tuesday was easy, Wednesday was hard as we had the official launch of our New Miniatures: Heroes Or Villains range with an associated post on Are They Heroes or Villains?.

Thursday saw the overdue release of the Free Quorakon Supplement PDF and the announcement of a New Theme for the Adventure Writing Competition which might just be related to the launch of the new miniatures.

Finally Friday was the release of Gold Strike! PDF as a free download as part of our Open-Playtest.

Probably on of the busiest weeks we have ever had on the 6d6 Fireball blog. A lot of effort but a lot of fun as well. This is why I love running a games company.