Free Quorakon Supplement

Finally, the four-armed primitive tool using monsters get their own PDF of background information and an introductory adventure. This has been planned ever since 6d6 Fireball launched but somehow, something else has always been higher priority.

The Quorakon, like this chieftain on the left, are fierce mountain dwelling creatures. They only use primitive stone tools but their ability to use four at once (or two bows!) makes for a deadly creature. Like the Dark Trolls in Monday’s post Making Monster’s Different, these novel creatures can wipe a smile off any party’s face.

The quorakon are also very adaptable as foes. A single juvenile (CR2 / 2 HD) makes a good challenge for a 1st level party. Whereas a quorakon village with a chief, several veteran warriors, some ice lynx and a powerful mystic can pose a real challenge to moderate or high level party. But quorakon are not just for fighting. They have a rich culture with plenty of opportunities for adventure hooks and role-playing.

To download the PDF of the supplement, click here. Please note it is formatted to work as an A5 booklet so some assembly will be required. (Hint: Print the odd pages, put them back in your printer, print the even pages).

A free hardcopy (complete with staples!) is included with any order of either the the Quorakon War Party or the Quorakon village packs.