Adventure Writing Competition – New Theme!

Our competition has already produced two great adventures, Sanctum of the Fiery Ladder and Gold Strike! (released tomorrow), based around our Bearded Devil miniatures. Now its time for a new theme.

Heroes or Villains

Yesterday we release a new pack of character figures, our ‘Heroes or Villains’ pack and the new theme is to simply incorporate one or more of these distinctive miniatures into the adventure. They can be NPCs helping the party, the big-bad-boss of a dungeon or a minor encounter along the way. We don’t mind how you include them, just as long as one or more of them are in the adventure.

Drax the Chain

He’s human, he’s called Drax and he has a chain. Using aggression and agility to gain the initiative, he uses his reach and numerous opportunity attacks to deadly advantage.

Kiris, the World’s Biggest Gnome

What do say about a gnome who is almost twice as tall as others of his race. He is a freak and outsider everywhere he goes. That has given him a real attitude problem and he enjoys nothing better than cutting other people down to size.


Don’t let this fresh faced young wizard fool you. He may seem like a novice adventurer but he is already delving in the some of the darkest areas of magic and has an unnatural fascination with the undead.

Celebhinth, Troll Hunter

A half-elf loner who is happiest when on trail of a troll. An expert tracker and devastating in combat with either his bastard sword or his bow, he is not to be messed with. But his hatred of trolls drives him ever further and he allows nothing to get in his way.

Starting Points

The character sketches for each figure are just starting points for your adventures. Push their story, either individually or collectively, in which ever direction you want to take it. We want the best possible adventures so there are no limits to how you incorporate the figures.

Writing Your Adventure

Writing an adventure for publication is a very different experience to writing one for your own game. It is hard work and takes a lot longer because all those ideas and details living in your head, have to make it down on to the paper. See Five Things I Learned Writing a Competition Winning Adventure for advice from someone who has already been through the process.

To help make this as easy as possible, we walk you though the process, giving you as much help and advice as you need. Start by outlining the plot of your adventure in ten or so sentences and sending it to Competition [at] 6d6Fireball [dot] com. From this first step, we work together to create a winning entry.

Rules and Stuff

See the Adventure Writing Competition page for full details but here is quick run down: You write an adventure, we pick the best ones to publish, you get all the money from the sales. The only rules are that the adventure must include the theme figures and you must not already work for a games company.