New Miniatures: Heroes Or Villains

New Miniatures Launched Today

Available from today, the new Heroes or Villains pack of character figures incorporating four distinctive designs from Rob Grimley. These figures are perfect for heroes who stride forth and smite evil but they are just as effective as evil doers, agents of the darkness who will stop at nothing to reach their goals.

Heroes or villains character Pack

From left to right: Corvell (young human mage); Drax (human warrior with chain); Kiris (the world’s tallest gnome) and Celebhith (half-elven troll hunter).

Cast by master craftsman Garry Parson and his firm Toolshed miniatures, his twenty years experience Skytrex, Citadel, Asgard, Foundry and S.A. Bridge in France has really brought out the detail in Rob’s designs. Especially in the delicate chain links of Drax’s chain.

All four figures are available separately at £3 each but the pack price including all four figures is £10.

6d6 Fireball is a small role-playing game company based in Nottingham with a track record of producing distinctive, even idiosyncratic, 28mm fantasy miniatures such as the Quorakon range. The figure range provides the basis for the Adventure Writing Competition that helps young writers take their first steps in the RPG publishing business.

6d6 Fireball’s 28mm Catalogue:
Human Warrior with chain

Close up of Drax the Chain