Are They Heroes or Villains?

Four character concepts standing on the edge between good and evil.

Drax the Chain

Human Warrior with chain

Raised up in the roughest part of Dayspring, Drax is a born street fighter and always the first to resort to violence. But he is no simple street thug, he is a man with goal. He believed his Grandfather’s stories about how the family was descended from the old line of kings. A bloodline that was betrayed and almost wiped out. Those that survived fell to the very bottom of society and Drax has taken it on himself to restore his family to the throne, no matter what the cost.

Kiris, A Giant Among Gnomes

Large gnome

Nature likes its little jokes and what could be funnier than the world’s tallest gnome? Towering over everyone in his clan and every other gnome he has ever met, Kiris was a freak in the gnome mines and clan halls of his people. In the outside world, life was little better, no one believed he was gnome. Being an outcast, a freak, an object of ridicule can do very strange things to the mind of young gnome.

Corvell the Young Wizard

Young Wizard

This young man is the cousin of Drax and definitely the brains in the family. He knows Grandfather’s stories were just the ramblings of an old man. Real power lies in arcane knowledge and there is no limit on what can be done to acquire the darkest, most powerful arts. Though still little more than boy, this fresh faced man is already drawn to magics straddling the borders between life and death.

Celebhith, Troll-hunter

Half-elf Troll Hunter Ranger

What drives a man to dedicate his life to hunting and killing one type of creature? Maybe it is because he is half-elven. Trusted by neither race, growing up alone and wandering the harsh countryside can teach a young boy some very hard lessons in life. What happened to him that he dedicated his life to hunting and destroying trolls is a secret he alone keeps. But so much anger and fear in one man is not healthy and it is only a matter of time before it poisons his soul.

Heroes & Villains Pack

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