Dark Trolls Preview


“Good God, They’re Massive”

Was my reaction the first time Rob showed me his prototypes for the new Dark Troll figures. When he told me about them several weeks earlier I had imagined something a little bit larger than our Quorakon chieftain. Instead, Rob has design two figures twice the size of our previous record. Don’t Believe me? Here is Dark Troll number one with our Celebhith the Troll Hunter Figure.


For reference, Celebhith is a perfectly sized half-elf figure, 28mm from base of feet to the eye line.

Making larger figures is not just a matter of sculpting a larger master. The molds and casting machinery are simply not big enough to cast that much metal as one piece. Instead these are multi-part figures. This has have set a number of technical challenges both for Rob and our ever-patient master mould maker Gary Parsons but this has its advantages as well. As a result, both Trolls have separate arms that join at the elbows with concealed joins that allow the figures to be more dynamically posed.

Neither Troll is in production yet. Dark Troll number one (with the helmet) is ready to go into production however number two has a problem. Rob has expertly disguised it these photos but one of the feet has twisted during the mold making process. This will require a new master and a new mold to be made before we can release them.


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