The RPG Bloggers Network – Why It Is Worth The Effort

Over the last week or so, I’ve spent a lot my time working on and discussing a proposal for the RPG Bloggers Network. In order to do this, I’ve had to push back other deadlines such as the publication of our next adventure PDF and the launch of new figures. This has a direct cost on 6d6’s bottom line so why am I doing it?

It is not money. If I was focused on making as much money as possible, I would not run a games company but the reason I think the RPGBN is worth the effort is the same as why I run a games company.

I love role-playing games.

For 25 years, RPGs have shaped my life and taught me so much and I want that to continue. I’m looking forward to a future where I’m in a retirement home playing D&D with my fellow inmates. But one of the things RPG games have taught me is that there is no treasure to had without a fight.

The founders of the RPG Bloggers Network have done a fantastic job over the last year or two. They have created a community with about 200 members from all around the world that encourages people to talk about and play RPGs. To just stand aside and let that hard work go to waste would be criminal.

The network almost guarantees a new blogger traffic and that gives much needed encouragement. Any blogger knows the heartache of spending hours carefully crafting an article only to find just three people have read it. New bloggers, like new gamers, need help and support from those with more experience. If we don’t support the newbies, they will go off and find a more rewarding hobby.

I’ve been working on the proposal because I think it is the right thing to do. Because throwing away the hard work of the founders is pointless and because I think a little bit of my time is a small price to pay for everything I’ve gained from RPGs.


  1. If you can manage to keep the RPGBN up and running, side-by-side with UncleBear’s new Role Play Media Network, this could be a banner year for all of us lovers of RPGs.

    Good luck.

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