#Twitterville Writing Challange: It’s Not Just Humans

The city of #Twitterville may be run by humans but it is not a human city. Members of practically every intelligent race can be found in its narrow and crowded streets if you look hard enough.

The Dwarves, Halflings and Gnomes are common enough in the city. Even the occasional elf leaves the forest to explore the urban jungle. And yet, there is always a sense that there are far more non-humans in and around #Twitterville than anyone realises.

Rumours of #Underville, a city under a city, suggest that some of the dark races may be closer than the human rulers suspect. What secrets can found under Lake #Twitterville? There are occasional sightings of Merefolk and Lizardfolk so anything could be found in those depths.

Writing Challenge: Anything Non-Human

This week’s Twitter writing challenge is to write about the intelligent non-humans who live in, under and around the city. It can be about individual non-humans or the entire races. Describe their homes, their gods, their dreams and their fears. All in 140 characters.

Here are my first two

Though not many will admit to it, many workers in the tanneries of #Twitterville look like they have orcish blood in them.

A tribe of Merefolk farm fish in the depths of Lake #Twitterville. They sell the fish to river Halflings who sell it to traders in the city.

To take part in the writing Challenge, make sure you are following 6d6Fireball on Twitter and get writing. But remember to include the #Twitterville tag in each message.

Fore more details and to explore the city, see visit Twitterville.org