On #Twitterville This Week

This week’s #Tittterville writing challenge is about Guilds, Brotherhoods and Cabals.

Some organisations will be above board and respected such as the Silver Balance Union. Their members will be upright members of the community. Other, organisations, like the Wizards Guild, will be legitimate but more feared than respected. ….

The twin thieves guilds of the Cloak and Dagger are well known, some of their members openly flaunt their membership, and yet they are illegal. …

Much smaller groups exist, often on the fringes of the law. No one knows how large the vigilante group The Sword Brigade is or even what its real aims are. Whispers of secret meetings by arcanists suggest that the Wizard’s guild is not entirely united or in control of magic. How many secret brotherhoods and cabals exist in the city?

To take part in #Twitterville. all you need is a Twitter account and an imagination. Full details on the Twitterville.org web site.