Poll: The Lifespan of D&D 4e

Last year, I produced a graph showing the relative size of each edition of D&D from 1974 onwards. This included all the published and announced books for 4e but only six months from its launch, the data for 4e was limited. Now I’m updating it to give a fuller picture of 4th Edition and I have an important question.

What do Expect the Lifespan of 4th Edition to be?

By lifespan, I’m taking about the length of time between when it first went on sale (May 2008) and when the first book of the next edition goes on sale. Next edition may be a minor upgrade (e.g. 3.0 to 3.5) or it may be a major upgrade (3.5 to 4.0) but for the purpose of this poll it doesn’t matter.

Note: This is not a question about the relative merits of 4th Edition. It is about when you think Hasbro / Wizards of the Coast will decide a new version is necessary.

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Do You Think That Wizards Will Publish More, Less or the Same Each Year?

Ignoring adventures and campaign settings, how many rule books (PHBs, Monster Manuals, Books of Undead etc) do you think Wizards will publish each year?

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Your Answers Matter

Based on the your answers to these two polls I shall update the projection for 4e on the History & Growth graph. It will be interesting to see if 4e will be the largest ever edition of D&D. 3.5s is the single largest edition to-date and in 2004, Wizards published 2500 pages of rules for the game so 4e will have to grow massively to beat this.

I plan to release the new version of the graph around the 13th of October (one year after the original). If you have any suggestions or improvements for the graph, let me know via the comments.


  1. Here’s the question: Are you accounting for DDI (Dungeon & Dragon ‘magazine’) articles in this? Or RPGA adventures?

  2. No.

    I’m only including publications that are recognisably rule books that are available from Amazon or other retailers.

    In same cases this is a judgment call as some settings can come with a lot new rules and some rule supplements can have adventures.

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