Post Apocalypse Character Concept

I miss my post-apocalypse games. Aftermath! was the undisputed king of the genre and this artwork / character concept from the art studio Massive Black would have made a brilliant character. The patchwork of clothing and armour combined with the vicious dog and the RPG would fit in perfectly in almost any post-apocalyspe scenario.

Massive Black

As a bonus, I have a cool post-apocalypse boat as well.

From Japan, self proclaimed post-apocalyptic artist Yanobe Kenji has created the Lucky Dragon boat that breaths fire, flaps it wings and spits water. As a weapon of war it is pointless but as the flagship for the gang leader in a low budget 80s end-of-civilisation B-movie, it is perfect.


There is a video of it in action as well.

Source: DesignFeedr and ‘Lucky Dragon’ fire-breathing boat in Osaka


  1. I collect PA role-playing games. My favorite is 4E Gamma World. Though I am also fond of Aftermath, Morrow Project, Darwin’s World and After the Bomb. The latter having the best mutant animal character creation rules I’ve ever read. There are however quite a few rather bad PA games out there.
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  2. I have never heard Darwin’s World [ Quick Google – ] looks interesting.

    After the Bomb is a great system and the whole TMNT RPG it is based is fun. And you are right, there are some bad ones. Personally I would put Morrow Project in there (but forgive it because it was a very early attempt at the genre) and Gamma World, which I always thought was just a daft setting.

  3. Have you ever looked at the 4th edition rules for Gamma World? One book covers everything. There are supplements but none are really needed. It does have many ‘wacko’ concepts (intelligent plants for example) but ramps things back from the earlier editions. It’s my one stop ‘go to’ game for SF. Heck, I could probably run a supers game with it if I wanted. Though M&M is the best at that.

    I liked the Morrow Project setting. I don’t even remember the rules. But the setting has stuck with me for decades.

    Now, you want bad? After Wars, Blood Dawn, those are bad. And in my collection…
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  4. No, the last Gamma World I’ve got is the Alternity version. I’ll keep an eye out for the 4th edition version.

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