Self-Referential D&D Humour


In this Michael Dashow illustration, a bunch of geek male elves play D&D whilst female elves walk past and mock them. This sort of nested humour is not a new idea. Other cartoonists have played with people playing a game inside of a game and I’m sure it has cropped up in one or two adventure modules. However I cannot remember any of them. Can anyone help me out with other examples?

Looking at Michael Dashow’s other work, as well as being a fine illustrator, he does have a cheeky sense of humour. I particularly like this one with the sock puppet.


Source: 28 Astounding Illustrations by Michael Dashow


  1. You are reading it wrong it is not that she is saying what losers, it is actually:

    Female Elf A (on far left) used to date the white haired elf (DMing one) she then dumped him because he loved the game more than him. Then the middle female elf B is now dating him and he is actually spending time with her. So A is totally jealous of B. She is looking at him and he is looking at her out of the corner of his eye ackowledging her. The 3rd elf is still telling the same story that she has been saying for the last 10 mins and is not being listened to. Monalogue probably say’s something like “And then she said, and he was like yeah, and she was like YEAH and he said and she said” or something.

    Yeah you get the idea.

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