New Site Design

Well, not entirely new. It is more of a make-over than a redesign with a lot of tidying up and fixing some HTML that had gotten scruffy over the last year.

One major change is the front page. It is no longer formatted as per a blog and instead is a lot more of static home page that focuses on key elements of the site. So we have much larger adverts for our RPG miniatures and for our adventure writing competition. #Twitterville also gets a big advert, which is fitting now that it has its own domain. We also found space to give Dingle’s Games an advert for their NPC Generator.

We hope to be expanding the site soon with new miniatures and new products plus new PDFs from winners of the adventure competition. Not to mention some good old fashioned blogging, something that I’ve not had time for recently.

Let me know what you think of the changes or if you notice any problems.