#Twitterville Continues

The collaborative, Twitter based fantasy setting #Twitterville relaunched last week and despite a long break has immediately re-captured people’s imagination. In response to last week’s challenge for the “Bogeyman and Ghost Stories” of #Twitterville, we discovered what haunts the thieves, a nightmarish beggar in the ranks of the Reaching Palm Guild and Elvish children’s monster-under-the-bed.

#Twitterville is created from individual tweets sent by anyone who wants to take part. They brought together and organised into a coherent setting over on Twitterville.org. To take part, all you need to do is:

  • 1. Join Twitter if you haven’t already
  • 2. Follow 6d6 Fireball on Twitter
  • 3. Check out the latest challenge
  • 4. Start tweeting, remembering to include the #Twitterville tag in the tweet.

It is great way of exercising your creative muscles and building a truly unique fantasy setting. All the content is under the Creative Commons so you can use and adapt any of it for your own campaigns and adventures.

This week’s challenge is too give #Twitterville some history. This could be back history from before the city was built, recent political intrigue or the history of a person or place. As long as it happened in the past, it doesn’t matter.

For more on last week’s challenge see Week 6 Round-Up: Now with Added Titles and for this week’s challenge, go to Week 7: History – Ancient & Modern.