1. Somewhat Off-Topic:

    Is the Adventure Writing Competition stopped?

    On the “rules” page the last entry shows: July 2009 Announcement next week.

    And on the “latest news” page I get this error message from your server:
    Fatal error: Uncaught SoapFault exception: [aws:Client.MissingParameter] The request must contain the parameter Signature. in /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/amazonSoap.php:180 Stack trace: #0 [internal function]: SoapClient->__call(‘itemLookUp’, Array) #1 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/amazonSoap.php(180): SoapClient->itemLookUp(Object(stdClass)) #2 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/6d6Functions.php(551): getItemListDetails(Array) #3 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/contentTagPage.php(99): doWidgets(Array, Array, Array) #4 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/content.php(120): include(‘/usr/share/word…’) #5 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/standardLayout.php(103): include(‘/usr/share/word…’) #6 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/tag.php(1): include(‘/usr/share/word…’) #7 /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-includes/template-loader.php(40): include(‘/usr/share/word…’) #8 /usr/share/ in /usr/share/wordpress2.5/wp-content/themes/6d6fireball/amazonSoap.php on line 180

    Maybe a new blog post to clear this point up would be good because the Competition is a big point on your blog/page – meaning that it advertises itself to all readers – but in reality it is disfunct.

    Thank you for reading my bug report.
    A good day and good gaming ;-))

  2. Well, that’s the problem. This was my first meeting with Twitter, I don’t acctually understand it very well. I wanted to add something to the “Bogeyman and Ghost Stories” so I left a reply there with my entry. Do I need to register on Twitter or something first? 🙂

  3. @rpg_g33k – Thanks for the bug reports. Something clearly has gone pear shaped in the last few days.

    The competition is definitely still on though we are running a little behind the original schedule. Look for updates in the next day or two.

  4. @Razar – I’ve got your comment so I will be add than manually.

    Here is how to take part

    1. Register with Twitter [ http://twitter.com/ ].
    Twitter is a way of sending short messages, like mobile phone text messages, to all your friends (called ‘Followers’ on Twitter).

    2. Then “Follow” 6d6 Miniatures by going here [ http://twitter.com/6d6fireball ] and clicking the Follow button.

    3. Go back to the home page [ http://twitter.com ] and send a test message using the “What are you doing?” text box. You have now sent your first Tweet.

    To send a message for Twitterville, you need to include the ‘#Twitterville’ in the message. This is known as a hash tag and is a way of categorizing messages. Twitterville.org will automatically pick up all #Twitterville messages send by my Followers.

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