Return of #Twitterville

Tomorrow sees the long awaited returned of #Twitterville. The creative writing exercise that is rapidly turning into a fully blown fantasy campaign world. It was put on hold back in May, just as it was hitting its stride due to events outside my control. But now its back and ready to become something really special.

The basic idea of #Twitterville is simple. Each week I set a challenge or topic for people to Twitter about. Such as describe an NPC or a street found in the city. All the tweets are collected and threaded together to make a coherent campaign setting. Despite the different writers and different styles, out of all the tweets a distinctive world is taking shape. Already we have a map of the city and of the surrounding areas.

#Twitterville started here on 6d6 but I’ve spun it out into a separate domain, This has allowed me to automate the harvesting of tweets and to organise them into ways that are useful for GMs of any game system.

Threads are collections of individual tweets that all have a common theme or location. Each thread is then linked to one or more locations and is tagged by some keywords. Each tweet is also allocated a knowledge level, ranging from Common Knowledge to Secret Knowledge. Combined, these features allow a GM to look up a keyword, such as Muggers and see what information may be available to the players. The same idea applies if the players want to know more about a specific location, such as the South River .

The first challenge of the new look #Twitterville will be tomorrow (Tuesday) and a new challenge will be issued each week. Full details will be on the Twitterville site but I will post reminders here as well. If you want to take part, you need to be following 6d6 Fireball. The Tweets page lets you see all the tweets as they come and there is a newly formed email group to discuss future developments.


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