D&D Carnival Round-Up

For 35 years, the game of D&D has defined role playing. In that time, millions of people around the world have played it and many of them have fallen in love with the game. Few games have developed such a devoted following and I’m proud that the July carnival has gathered some of the most passionate and best writing on the subject. Sixteen articles on how D&D has effected our lives, the mechanics of the game, its past and its future.

D&D Is Not a Game, It’s a Lifestyle

Why Killing Kobolds Makes Us Better People

Practical D&D Advice

D&D and the world of Tomorrow

Writing my own articles on the game has proven a lot of fun and a serious challenge. Everything I Know, I’ve Learnt from D&D explores how 20+ years of playing has shaped me. Where as “You want to do what?” offers 5 steps to being a smart player and confounding your GM. I was especially pleased with It Is Not the D&D I Know and Love as I managed to explain why 4e just is not the game I want, provoking a great discussion in the comments. Whereas D&D is Doomed (But Not Just Yet) didn’t get my point across as well as I hoped.

Thank you everyone who contributed to this carnival, either as a blogger or by leaving a comment on any of the great articles in this month’s event. And a big thank you to the silent majority of readers. If you didn’t keeping reading, we would all be mad men shouting into the void.

The August carnival has started already with Conventions, Ren Fairs, Carnivals, Oh My! , hosted by Chgowiz’s Old Guy Blog. Please pop over there and get the party started.


  1. The theme of this month got me started on two projects – a Random Dungeon Generator and a Random Dragon Generator. The Random Dungeon Generator has turned into a major piece of work, and I don’t think it’ll see release for another month or two at this point, and I’ve dropped the Dragon Generator completely as I was only doing it because the theme was both Dungeons -and- Dragons.

    When this 50-page monstrosity is done, I’ll drop you a line and let you take the blame.

  2. Thanks for the inclusion! And it should be Eleven Foot Pole, not Poll. I run a poll on the website but the site name is definitely Pole. 🙂

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