Keep Players Under Control with an Altoids Catapult

We all know that what a GM needs to rule his gaming table is more weaponry. Previous weapons we have covered have had probelms with size and damage potential.

Now we have the perfect solution. Small enough to sit behind the GMs screen, ready to launch surprise attacks and a source of handy snacks should your players be behaving themselves – The Altoids Tin Catapult.


All it takes is an Altoids Gum tin, a coat hanger, electrical tape, rubber bands, and a small bit of cardboard to turn a measuring spoon into a surprisingly forceful catapult.

More details from Lifehacker: Altoids Tin Catapult Enforces Your Cubicle Kingdom


  1. Hah! I have an actual wooden catapult, that I built for a world history project, It’s throwing arm is about a foot long. So not small, but not dangerous unless it hits you in the eye.
    I use it, of course, to pelt obnoxious players with dice.
    This results in many lost dice and minor bruising.
    Yet it is definitely worth it

  2. My old GM’s favorite “shut the Hell up” technique was to grab up a handful of dice and start shaking them threateningly.

    “Next person who says a word, and I’m rolling for damage.”

    One person did challenge him, and – wouldn’t you know it? – a rockslide came out of no where, doing 94 hp to his character.

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