Adventure Writers Group

One thing noticeable about the entries to the Adventure Writing Competition is that many writers encounter the same problems when making the leap from writing adventures for themselves to writing adventures for publication.

To help everyone, I’ve set-up a Google Group for adventure writers. The group is by invitation only but to get in, all you have to do is email me with your ideas for an adventure. I will add you to the group, give you feedback on your ideas (in private) and guide you towards converting your idea into a published adventure. You can use the group to bounce ideas around, ask questions and for mutual support.

Group members will also get to see and comment on draft versions of the PDFs and help guide the Open Playtest. I will also use the group to offer advice on dungeon construction and plot development.

The group is open to anyone who wants to take part in the competition. Email me with your adventure idea or ideas. It doesn’t matter how rough they are and it does not commit you anything, but it is the first step to being published. So take five minutes, scribble down your ideas and send them to: competition (at) 6d6Fireball (dot) com.


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