3.5 Resurgent – The Icon


Chatting to Dingle’s Games in the pub last night, discussing the idea that 3.5 is making a resurgence among gamers. When Paul got home he started this thread on Paizo and this got me thinking that we need a flag or icon that 3.5 gamers can gather behind. So instead spending my time doing work, I knock this up. Its resemblance to another logo is purely coincidental, honest.

I’m placing the logo into the public domain, so do what you like with it. Smaller 100px and 50px wide versions are also available.


  1. I’ve just added this to my Campaign blog, thanks for creating it! As a die hard 3.5 person I am glad to see that our options are not just limited to Pathfinder now!

  2. I’m sorry but I don’t acctually get the idea why do we need to gather behind something? Did I miss something, is there a war going on or what?
    Well, if there is one, I’d be more than happy to carry the 3.5 banner! And die with honor and pride 🙂

  3. The way I see it, there’s no war going on against other editions, or the people that play them.

    The war is simply against the idea – should anyone be foolish enough to entertain it, and there are some – that 3.5e has ‘had its day’ or that newer editions are better than older purely by virtue of having a bigger version number.

    The war is against the marketing slogan ‘Level up your game’.

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  4. It is not a war, its not for or against any particular version or game.

    It just a reminder to players and publishers alike that there is a thriving community of gamers playing D&D 3.5.


  5. I’ll get behind this! I’m an avid 3.5 (3.75) player. There are a few mechanics in 4e that I liked, but the classes and everything else, I just didn’t care for. I’m happy that there are 3rd party writers, many of them talented, that have taken up the flag of 3.5!

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  6. @WrathofZombie – I have similar thoughts on 4e. Some bits I think are an improvement but overall 3.5 is the better system. Watch out for an article later this month as part of the Bloggers Carnival on my take on 3.5 / 4e

  7. My gaming group at first wholeheartedly embraced the new edition, luckily no one was willing to run a long term 4e game and since I will only run 3.5 we’ve reverted back. 3.5 is indeed resurgent with my group and my blog proudly displays the 3.5 resurgent icon.

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