Go on a Spending Spree with Someone Else’s Credit Card


Please ignore this post. The store is now live and will take money off your Credit Card. Many thanks to everyone who tried things out.


The miniature’s store is almost working and I need some friendly people to test it. The store is currently in testing mode which means that when you click the Google Checkout button you will be redirected to Google’s testing area known as the Sandbox. This works exactly like the real thing except it doesn’t take money from your credit cards.


Example of Sandbox Checkout

What I need is for people to visit our miniature’s section, order whatever they like and then comment below on your experience. The two important question I need answers for are:

1) Did it work?

2) Did anything about it suck?

As my readers are sensible people, you won’t want to use your own credit cards, even on a test system. So here are some valid Credit Card details for testing.

  • MasterCard: 5555555555554444
  • Visa: 4111111111111111

For the CVC (the 3 digits security number) you can enter anything and the expiry date can be any valid future date.


The system will only be in testing for about 24 hours. I’m posting this on Sunday 14th 1pm GMT and the system will switch to the live checkout sometime Monday afternoon. If you are in the USA, you should be OK to test it anytime on Sunday (give or take a bit). If you get to the Google Checkout page and the red sandbox message is not being displayed then the system has gone live and you should only use it if you actually want to order anything.

Getting Started

You order things directly from the catalog or you can explore the various miniature specific pages such as Bearded Devils or Quorakons. Alternatively you can click on the Miniatures option in the navigation menu (top right).

Thanks for your help.


  1. It worked!

    I liked the convenience of the Full Catalogue page, it would definitely be how I’d want to shop once I’d finished browsing the individual pages.

    The shopping basket was mildly confusing, as the click-to-remove-items looked a bit like oops-broken-image-link red crosses. Once I realised what they were it made much more sense!

    Also in the shopping basket, there didn’t seem to be any any to change the quantities other than cancelling an item and ordering it again. I think I’d probably find it useful to be able to change quantities in the basket.

    Adding the (fake) credit card details to my Google account was pretty straightforward. I then went and placed a second order to see what difference it made already having the credit card details stored. It became incredibly easy, just a couple of clicks from checkout to finished.

    Hope that’s all of some help!


  2. Worked fine for me. It is a bit annoying that it can’t place multiple items in the cart at once, but once I put the first item in and went back to the page my quantities for the other items were still there, so not all bad. It looks fine to me for a launch.

  3. Looks fine. I wonder if there is a way to translate the currency to US dollars (at least while it still retains some value ^_^). This is Google, so it will probably be improving over time. Looks good so far.

  4. I agree with Jess I too was a wondering how to amend the cart and didn’t spot the click to remove tag until 2nd time around. I think the full catalog page should be at the top of the list (and in bold) I didn’t bother to select it first time but it’s really useful.
    The google checkout worked fine.

    Paul´s last blog post..New NPC Generator

  5. @Jess – Hadn’t thought about ‘remove’ X being mistaken for a missing image. I will reformat that.

    You should be able to change the quantities in the basket but you’ve found a bug.

    @Brett – A more web 2.0 approach so that you can add multiple items is planned but won’t be ready for sometime.

    @JeffryWith1E – Love the name – I might see if I can plug in a live exchange rate to give some indication of the US $ value.

    Paul – Thanks for that. I will reconsider the menu sequence.

    Thanks everyone for the feed back.

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