Open Playtest

As part of our Adventure Writing Competition, we are introducing the idea of the Open Playtest. As the name suggests, this is a way of play testing the adventures prior to publication that is open. And by open I mean it is open to everyone and that the results will be open for all to read.

I’m still working on the details but here is the rough plan.

Each month the winning adventure for the previous month will made available as a free download to anyone who wants to take part in the playtesting. There will be a dedicated feedback page for each adventure where the results can be posted and read by all. But rather than offering playtesters a blank page to fill in, I’m thinking about something more structured but I’m not certain exactly what I should be asking for.

Here are my first thoughts:

  • Actual mistakes – either publication errors (e.g. typos) or game mistakes (e.g. incorrect stats)
  • Weak spots – e.g. places where the descriptions are confusing or it is not clear why something happens
  • Game Play – Was the adventure too hard, too easy, too dull or too confusing

What else? What sort of things do wish you could tell adventure writers? If you have you any formal experience of play testing other companies products, what do they do to gather feedback? All thoughts and ideas appreciated.


  1. A suggestions page or plot critique section could be useful. All too often have I looked at published adventure and said “…But why?”

  2. Well I think it would be good to have the “actual mistakes” seperated in some fashion from the more general comments and criticisms. Would be easier to sort through that way.
    I also think this is a great idea because it will enable the writers to see, and even respond to questions and other issues.

  3. @Rachel – Spot on – a straight forward suggestions section is need.

    @Joshua – Glad you like it, as you will be the first subject.

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