Dungeons & Dragons Online for Free

Dungeons & Dragons Online, the D&D MMO, has just announced a free version called Eberron Unlimited. It claims to be entirely free and I guess it will support itself by people paying to upgrade to the full Dungeons & Dragons Online or by spending real money to upgrade their character in the in-game store.

I wonder what, if anything, this has to do with plans for 4e version of D&D Online?

The existing D&D Online is based on 3.5 and, to quote Wikipedia, “it contains numerous changes from the tabletop game, most of which were introduced due to differences in the dynamics between the media of computer game combat and tabletop gaming.”. It is no secret that 4e was designed to make it easier to computerise and drew on many elements from World of Warcraft. A 4e MMO must be somewhere in Hasbro’s thinking.