Bearded Devils

The first theme to our Adventure Writing Competition is Bearded Devils to coincide with the launch of our new figures.

Rob, our resident figure sculpture, wanted to do the devils because they are a versatile monster. For low level parties, a sngle bearded devil is a major challenge. At mid-level, a squad of four devils is an effective fighting force with their teleport and special attacks they can cause carnage and chaos on a party. Whilst at high-level, they make excellent shock-troops for a larger enemy, tying up party members in combat whilst the boss monsters unleashes their main attack.

Judging from the ideas coming in to the Adventure Writing Contest, other people think the same way. There has been adventure ideas from 1st level upwards.

The devils are not yet on sale just yet because our new shopping cart needs some final testing. This should hopefully be done by Friday and over the weekend we will have a relaunch sale with big discounts across all our range.


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