Adventure Writing Competition (V2.0)

6d6Fireball is pleased to announce the launch of its Adventure Writing Competition (version 2.0).

The rules are simple: Write a D&D 3.5 (or system neutral) adventure featuring our theme, Bearded Devils, and send it to us. All entries go into the pool and each month, the best adventure from the pool will be selected and released as a free PDF for open-playtesting. In a few months time, all the monthly winners will be published in a module that will go on sale in PDF and print versions. All the profits from the sales will go back to the writers.

For more details, see the rules.

The aim of the competition is encourage, and reward, new writers as much as possible. Which is why we aren’t running a strict competition. You can beaver away on your adventure, send it in and wait to see if you win. Alternatively, you can contact 6d6 Fireball right from the start and we will work together to produce the best possible adventure.

All we want to start with are your ideas for an adventure. We will let you know which ones sound good and if any are similar to entires we have already received. Next you send us an outline of your adventure and we give you more feedback. Then you send us a very rough draft and we give yet more feedback and so on all the way through to publication.

We already have a winner for June (more on that tomorrow) so the first deadline for completed adventures is the end of July. That gives you about six weeks to write the entire adventure. But don’t worry if this seems too soon. This is a rolling competition with a new deadline each month. If June & July are looking busy, you can plan to enter in August, September or even later.

The theme for the adventures is Bearded Devils and to get your imagination working, there is a sneak peak of our miniatures below. Other themes will be announced (probably one every two to three months) but the old themes remain valid. So if your devilish master piece takes six months to write, don’t worry. It will still be a valid entry.


If you wish to take part, don’t delay and send your initial ideas to: Competition (at) 6d6 Fireball (dot) com.


  1. @Razor – Good question, I had not considered that.

    I will allow one writer to submit multiple entries but only one a month.


  2. I’m going to grab a set of your ‘Devils and write an adventure based on them when I have them “in the flesh”. That ok?

  3. Allright!
    I’m working on the bearded devils (was late). If I got it straight I can still send an adventure regarding them. And when the new theme comes out I’ll see what I can do about that, too.
    Yay! 😀

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