Quorakon versus Forest Walkers

Slowly but surely I’m getting our range of 28mm Miniatures back online. Over the weekend I finished the Quorakons and I’m almost done with the Forest Walkers. Everything is still rough and there are a couple of photos I plan to redo but it is a substantial improvement on our old set-up.

A major advantage of having the photography under control (if not yet perfect) is that I can photograph groups of figures. Such as the Quorakon War Party, the Village pack and the Forest Walker’s Warrior pack. Because of the mechanics of production casting, making these groups of figures is cheaper and so I can offer a discount to the end customer.

Don’t rush to buy these just yet. Though the checkout system is plugged in, it has not been fully tested and some of the details (notable P&P) are not right. This should be fixed by the end of week and at the same time the Bearded Devil’s will be launched. To celebrate this milestone, I be offering a special relaunch discount!.

Look out for the discount and relaunch at the end of the week.