Competition News

Tomorrow I will be relaunching the Adventure Writing Competition which ran into problems after the changes at 6d6 Fireball.

The basic ideas and goals of the competition will be the same. i.e. produce a quality module where all the profits go back to the writers and give new writers a chance to break into the business. The big changes are the timescale and a bigger emphasis on helping the writers. We offered a helping hand before, this time we are talking it further and working with the writers from their first ideas right through the judging process and all the way to publication. The aim is simply to make the best possible adventure we can.

We will also be announcing something called the Open-Playtest but more details on that later in the week.

And finally we will be announcing our first winners this week and their adventure will be available as a PDF later in the month.

So stay tuned adventure writers – big things are happening.


  1. OOoo! I’m so excited about this.
    I emailed you guys a few questions btw. 😀

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