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It turns out that being a photographer is not as exciting as Austin Powers makes out. Though maybe if I tried it with beautiful human women instead of ugly monsters made of lead, it might be more fun. After several hours slaving over a hot camera I’ve now got half-decent shoots of all our 28mm miniatures (except the new Bearded Devil range) including the all important group shots such as the Quorakon warband below.

Quorakon War Band

I also had a chance to arm the Quorakon with their primitive stone weapons. Each Quorakon comes with a weapon spru consisting of a stone axe, a stone sword, a big wooden club, a spear and a javelin. The shot below is off Quorakon Bareheaded (3 of 3) [ QuroaBar3 ] armed with javalin, axe, sword and club. Getting a photo where all four weapons are clearly visible is hard and in this one, the sword and club (in the lower hands) aren’t positioned very well. On the plus side, he does look a scary little sod. With four attacks a round, backed by a decent strength, he is a really challenge to any character.

QuoraBar3 with FourWeapons

The final shot is of the Human Barbarians, also known as Forest Walkers. Like the Quorakon, these are one of Adrian’s creations. Primitive people with primitive tools but full of animal cunning and primitive savagery. This was a hard group shot to organise because whilst there are four separate figures, they are in almost identical pairs. The hand axe [ HBarbAxe1 ] and sword [ HBarbSwd1 ] figures are identical except for the weapons, as are the spear [ HBarbSpr1 ] and the great axe [ HBarbGax1 ] users. Finding an arrangement that did not make this really obvious was tricky. This grouping works only by obscuring the sword user by having him edge on and but it does show the back of the great axe user and its detailing.

Human Barbarins

The final photos and the new miniature pages will be up shortly.


  1. Very, very nice!

    Some of these look like some cool minis for use in a Hollow World setting, among others.

    I was in a play-by-post game (Basic D&D Hollow World), playing a Cleric, who had aspirations of belonging to the Bear Clan (Atruaghin). He wore a headress, sported a stone-hammer, and his Bear Claw necklace (holy symbol) was a source of great power…or it might have been…ha! The campaign didn’t last too long. Play-by-posts are kinda tough, IMO.

    At any rate, a few of these minis reminded me of that game, and that character. I really got into creating him and trying to imagine a human from the Known World trying to fit in with the native Bear Clan folk of the Hollow World, with whom he shared his beliefs.

    Biggest issues would have been explaining the Bronze Full Plate….ha!

    Anyway, tangents aside, awesome minis there! Very cool.

    yoyorobbo´s last blog post..Jack Lantern-head: a D&D mini concept drawing by a 5 y.o.

  2. @yoyorobbo – Thanks! I was rather pleased with the photos.

    I’ve tried a few postal games back in the 80s and I had exactly the same problem. Everything takes too long and they just fizzle out.

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