Bearded Devil – Sneak Preview

The only thing holding up the release of the Bearded Devil miniatures and the relaunch of the Adventure Writing Competition is the photography. My internet connection has been down for four days so I’ve had some unexpected time to work on it. I’m definitely getting the hang of the basics and I’m reasonably happy with the lighting levels though the flash is giving things a slightly orange tinge. Being offline, I’ve not had a chance to check out the various tutorials that have been recommended so it has been very much an experimental process.

The pinnacle of these efforts is this photo below. A sneak peak of one of the Bearded Devils minions with a glaive. You’ll notice that it is a black & white image. This is to combat the colouring brought on by the flash. Not sure about this so let me know what you think on the colour v B&W issue.

Bearded Devil Test

One of the other changes waiting for decent photographs is the introduction of packs of figures. We will keep selling the individual miniatures but the packs will bring a logical group of four or five figures together. The packs will be cheaper than buying the separate figures as we can manage our inventory and production runs easier when our sales are more predictable.

Below is a first attempt at a group shot for the figure packs. These are of our human barbarians or Forest Walkers as Adrian named them. Need to think about the arrangement more carefully and possibly adding some scenery but not bad for a first effort.

barbarian Group Test