Binding Books with Human Skin

Whether it is the necrimonicon or just some demon overlord’s personal diary, binding a book in human skin is nice bit of extra colour to throw into your adventure. What’s more, it is historically accurate.

HOLBEIN (Hans). Dance of Death, … 1856, PRINTED THROUGHOUT ON CHINA PAPER, post 8vo, appropriately bound in HUMAN SKIN, with a double of maroon morocco, enriched with three MOST WEIRD DESIGNS … The front cover of the binding, in human skin, is inlaid in orange, red, brown, white, green, yellow, and purple leathers; the back cover, in human skin, is in red, brown, green, white, yellow and pink inlay; and the double in dark brown morocco shews a crimson inlaid Gallic devil, with a ghastly grin on its white skull, dancing and beating a yellow and white tambourine.”

human skin book binding

Source: Leonard Smithers: Human Skin Binding

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