So, You’re A Devil Worshipper Then?

A researcher is looking for personal experiences relating to D&D and Satinism.

Or to be more precise, personal experiences where someone has genuinely thought there is a connection between your gaming habit and the worship of Beelzebub.

I am writing a paper on the folklore of gaming (and D&D in specific). I am looking at the popular and widespread belief that D&D (or gaming) leads people to satanism or some form of evil occult worship.

If you don’t mind me asking, if you have encountered this, I have a few questions for you.

a. What have you been told about gaming = Satan?

b. How often have you heard this?

c. Who told you?

d. What was the story?

e. Did you explain your point of view to the person who told you?

i. If so, tell me the story of it.

f. Has this outside opinion changed you or your participation in the game?

If you wish to take part, go to the Roleplayers community on LiveJournal and this post: A little help needed for a paper on Folklore – Anti-Gaming Folklore


  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this research. I understand what he’s trying to do. I understand it’s about the folklore (myth) of the link between them. I’m just not sure I even want to even talk about this issue any more. As someone who lived during the “Great Witch Hunt” years, I consider the whole topic silly. Still, It might be interesting to read about people who still think that way.

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  2. The questions are *very* one-sided for a research project – the questionaire doesn’t acknowledge in any way that it is possible that some players are indeed involved in the occult. I know a LOT of pagans who are also gamers, and in the traditional view of many religions, pagan = satanist and definitely pagan = occult.

    That said, I’m not seeing a causal link from gaming to paganism, but I have noticed a causal link from paganism to gaming.

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  3. As someone who had to endure this sort of nonsense in the 80’s I find this a bit dumb, actually. Due to some televangalist show my grandmother has been convinced since 1984 that there is a connection between the two and it really is a bit annoying.

    Why not have someone do some research on the positive aspects of roleplaying?

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