Slowly Returning To Life

6d6 Fireball is slowly coming back to life. Thank you to everyone who has supported me via comments and kinds words over the last few weeks. Today I pass the last big milestone in a major project for my Tintin blog. This means that I will have considerably more time for 6d6 Fireball.

My top priority is to replace the shopping cart / checkout system we have been using for the last few months. The current one doesn’t work very well and doesn’t do all the things we want. It will be replaced by a new system that allows affiliates, .i.e. other web sites that sell or advertise our products and get paid for it. Without this, any other efforts will be wasted. You should see signs of this over the next few days.

The next step will be to confirm the details of the Adventure Writing Competition Mark II. I’m pretty sure how it is going to work and but once bitten, twice shy. I have some broken promises to fulfill so I’m not going to rush into a new plan without being 100% sure I can deliver what I promise.

The Bucket of Links will also be returning, if you guys want it to. Rather than me burning a lot of time reading 100+ posts everyday I’m going to ask bloggers to submit their best post of the week. Non-bloggers will also be able to submit their favourite links. I will read though everything submitted and publish a bucket of the best links. I hope to start this next week with a special Golden Bucket where you can submit your Best Post EVER! More details soon.

Finally, #Twitterville will be back, bigger and better than ever before. Except to see that in two to four weeks time.

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