Adventure Writing Competition – A Rough Plan

Following some great feedback and ideas, I now have a rough plan as to how to develop the competition.

Monthly Deadlines

Rather than a big bang approach, the competition will now take place over a number of months and each month, I will publish one entry as a free PDF. When we have enough entries, hopefully in about 9 months, the best will be published in a module. This will still follow the original plan of giving the adventure writers 100% of the profits from the module sales.

In effect, this makes it a rolling, monthly competition with the option of roll-overs.

Each month, out of all the entries ever received I will pick one to format and polish to publication standard. Any entries not picked will roll forward and be part of the pool of entries for the next month’s competition. So even if you don’t succeed the first month, you still have plenty of chances in future months.

Planing Ahead and a Helping Hand

Because the competition deadlines are predictable, you can now plan ahead. If May & June are looking busy because of exams you can plan your entry for July or August, safe in the knowledge that you will have plenty of time to write during that long summer break.

We will still encourage you to send us your ideas and rough drafts from a very early stage of your adventure’s development. There is no deadline on this and your entry won’t go into the competition until you say it is ready. This give 6d6 Fireball and yourselves plenty of time to fine tune your adventure into something special.

One advantages of getting in touch with us early about your ideas is we can advise you on which month’s competition to aim for. So if we already have a really good entry for June but nothing for July, we can point you in the right direction. This helps with our planning and maximises your chances of winning.

A Rolling Theme

The original competition had a theme of Bearded Devils to tie in with the release of our figures. Instead of waiting for the module to be published, we will be releasing those figures in the next month or so. We will then announce a new theme to tie in with our next figure range. This will be in addition to the existing theme so you can build your adventure around either option. In time will hope to have adventures built around our entire figure range.

Just a Draft

This plan is not set in stone yet and I would appreciate people’s feedback. Based on this, I will tweek the details and publish a new official competition rules page.


  1. i like it. need some help advertising? i’m here, i’m free. use me. lol

    i’ll have my entry in sooner than later, i imagine.

  2. I have an entry for the bearded devil theme. Should I still submit it by the 12th?

  3. Greywulf – Thanks

    Shinobicow – Thanks, I will be in touch

    Vnflcards – Brilliant. I’m not going to hold anyone to the deadline of the 12th but the sooner you send it the better.

  4. Hi I would like to enter an adventure. So I do not know much about d&d 3.5 however I can come up with a good adventure!

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