The Times are-a-Changing

Major news from 6d6 Fireball

As many of you know, 6d6 Fireball is run part time by myself and Rob. As with any small business, there are a lot of demands on our time and coping with the basic day-to-day stuff is hard let alone developing new ideas to move the business forward.

Unfortunately a combination of work and domestic issues has meant that Rob has had less and less time and something had to give. Obviously family and paying the mortgage take priority which means that Rob no longer has the time to be activity involved in 6d6 Fireball. This is very sad from my point of view, not least because I enjoy working Rob and there are not many people I can say that about.

Rob still plans to contribute to 6d6 Fireball when he can so you will see the occasional article and new figures appearing from him but generally, everything will now be done by me.

Moving Forward

This is not the end of 6d6 Fireball but obviously there will be some changes. Effectively my workload has just doubled so I need to cut everything that isn’t vital. The eagled-eyed of you will have noticed that there has been no Bucket of Links in the last couple of weeks and very few other postings. This is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.

This also has a big impact on the Adventure Writing Competition.

We will still be going ahead with it but the deadline will be extended. I will post another message solely about this but the new deadline is likely to be around the end of June. Some people had commented that the original deadline was too short so I guess this just proves that every cloud has a silver lining.

Not All Gloom & Doom

On the positive side, I have almost finished writing our Affiliate plug-in so that web masters can earn money advertising our figures (and in due course our modules). A general revamp of the Miniature pages is also on the cards. Once that is done, I can return to #Twitterville for which I have plans (just as a hint, I’ve just purchased a domain name).


  1. It sounds like a good plan. Thanks for thinking this through instead of just shutting down. Change happens to the best of us! 🙂 Excited about the affiliate stuff.

  2. Thanks for the heads up,

    As someone who’s writing something for the caompetition this will give me some more time to add some extra polish. That’s good. In other respects its a little unfortunate.

    Keep up the good work.

  3. Argh, hard to hear it! But I hope things will work to its best.
    And also I’m kinda relieved to hear that the deadline has been extended, cose I’m not sure if I would have made it to 16th. 😀
    Cheers and bottoms up!

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