#Twitterville – The First PDF

The first #Twitterville PDF is now free to download from here.

It is extremely rough and needs much more work but it does contain a map and all the #Twitterville entries (apart from one I had to take out for copyright reasons). Take a look at it and let me know what you think of the direction I’m going in. If you spot any spelling mistakes and other howlers, please point those out as well.

For next Tuesday’s #Twitterville, we will be focusing back on the city itself and I hope to have an outline map of the city itself by then. Towards the end of next week I publish a new PDF containing the latest updates.

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  1. Looks good !!! I’m going to have to step up my entries to stay with the creativity of the other contributors. Please note my website for crediting purposes.

    All the best.

    Rick Krebs´s last blog post..D&D’s future ?

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