D&D Gametable Still Under Development?

The latest D&D News email arrived today with news of forth coming releases (none of which was new except possibly the “Draconomicon (Nov 09) focuses on Metallic Dragons”. One interesting nugget was the email’s finishing paragraph:

… and coming soon, the ground-breaking new digital services such as the character visualizer, D&D Gametable and Dungeon Builder …

I thought they had abandon most of the digital initiatives when they mad their last round of job-cuts. Is this a sign these projects are still active or have D&D News just cut & paste some old marketing drivel?


  1. Sadly, I’m with Stargazer on this one. Having a bank of talking points and marketing blurbs to pull from is hardly unique to WotC, though, so I’m not holding this against them. That’s the business of press releases and marketing.

    I suspect these projects aren’t officially “abandoned”, just put “on hold” indefinitely. After all, they talked up those applications very heavily in the runup to Fourth Edition D&D, and I doubt they can comfortably abandon them (officially, anyway) less than a year after 4E’s release. (Doesn’t the PHB even talk up those applications? I can’t recall, being AFB.)

    One of two things will probably happen here: WotC will try to pick these digital initiatives back up once they properly figure out how to monetize them*, or we’ll simply hear fewer and fewer mentions of them until they’re quietly dropped.

    Best case, WotC manages to produce an application (or outsource the development of an application) that draws enough new DDI subscribers to make developing and hosting the app profitable when included with DDI. Worst case scenario, they develop a rather poor application and charge separately for it to try to at least recoup the development and hosting costs. It’s a shame that WotC’s recent history suggests the latter course of action is more likely.

  2. And in a very well-timed news release, Wizards put out this summary of its DDI survey results. The results are interesting – while a majority of subscribers would like to see a virtual tabletop solution, that came in fifth after a lot of table-centric and GM-centric responses. A D&D GameTable app didn’t even have the support of 50% of non-subscribers.

    Actually, the ability to customize and print pre-made adventures (the top choice of non-subscribers) is a neat idea. While all GMs do that to some degree, I don’t believe there’s any other RPG company out there that provides a service like that, and WotC could certainly use that sort of value-add for DDI.

  3. No one I know actually saw that poll to vote in. I still doubt it’s veracity and think WoTC skewed it towards other products.

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