Would Should We Play?

Our Thursday night game is looking at a two week gap between the end of one campaign and the start of another. It has fallen to me as host to pick up the slack and I’m looking for suggestions for things to play that can be download off the net. The criteria are:

  • 1) It must be free and legal for me to download
  • 2) It must be simple enough that four experienced games can learn the game quickly.
  • 3) It must be ready to run. E.g. there needs to be a scenario as well as rules.
  • 4) It should take no more than two 3 hour sessions to create characters and play the scenario to the end. Or if it is a board game, it should be finished in a single 3 hour session.
  • 5) We will consider any type or genre of RPG. Or any skirmish, war games or board games.

If you have any suggestions comment below and I will take a look. I will write up our experiences playing the game or games here on the blog so if you have something you wish to promote, here is your chance.


  1. To start off, it’s not free (but cheap!) I would suggest Fantasy Flight Game’s Red November. It’s fun, easy to learn, and has fairly high production value. We picked it up recently and it was a blast, you should be able to squeeze two games into a single evening for about five bucks per player.

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  2. Not free, but 3:16 Carnage Among the Stars is the best $10 you will ever spend. Ever. I rated it as my Game of the Year 2008, and it’s our go-to game when we just want to kick back and blow Huge Holes in Aliens.

    Alternately, GURPS 4e’s free lite rules are terrific and contain all you need to play anything from WWII to modern day espionage and beyond. Download, generate characters you can believe in and you’re all set for an instant modern-day adventure. If you prefer pseudo-medieval, add in the free Caravan to Ein Arris adventure and you’re sorted.

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