Notes on Writing Adventures

We have had a few draft submissions to our Adventure Writing Competition and I’ve been responding to each writer in turn. But there are few common problems that are worth mentioning.

Think Small

I’ve seen some great ideas but most would require an entire campaign to address properly. We are looking for between five and ten adventures between 2000 and 10,000 words. If you think that a sheet of A4 paper is equivalent to 600 words, your adventure should be between 3 – 15 pages long.

Think General

Some of the ideas we have seen are very specific to certain campaigns or characters. This is great for your own game table but it doesn’t work for published adventures. Entries need to be very general in nature, capable of working with almost characters or in any campaign world.

One Idea, Well Done

A good small adventure or encounter should be built about a single idea, executed well. Don’t try to be to put too many ideas in because then none will get the attention they deserve. This applies to the NPCs as well. A NPC with one clever twist is great, a NPC with six clever twists is a mess.

Keep the ideas and drafts flowing in.